YO GUYS! It’s been a while since the last time I made a follow forever and since I both gained followers and started following lots of peeps, I have decided to to come up with this ugly thing in order to thank you all for existing. Some of you for being one of the most important friends I’ve ever had and some of you for simply brightening up my days even if we don’t talk that much. Thank you for putting up with my shit, my multifandom breakdowns and my terrible dad jokes. May our lord and saviour Manuel Neuer bless you with the finest kind of zoera in return.

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  • It seems the experienced Arjen Robben has a new role in Bayern' s team as well as in the Dutch team. Today you seem to be more a leader, helping younger players to develop and keeping the team spirit up.
  • Robben: I wouldn't call myself a leader. That would mean playing a certain role on purpose. What I can say is that it comes naturally. Maybe it's like you get older and slip into a new role in your team and a new status in the pecking order. What I can say is that I try to be of more value to the team. But the word "leader" is too much for my taste, I am happy to be an inspiring teammate. By the way, I feel pretty much the same way in the Dutch national team too.
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Cosmin Moți became a folk hero after he switched from centre-back to goalkeeper during the game between Ludogorets and Steaua Bucuresti. 

When the game went to penalties, Cosmin saved two goals as his team eventually won the shoot-out against Steaua. Ludogorets will now play in the group stage of the Champions League for the first time in their history. (x)

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Save the date…


17.09FC Bayern München - Manchester City FC
30.09.  CSKA Moskva - FC Bayern München
21.10.  AS Roma  - FC Bayern München
05.11.  FC Bayern München - AS Roma
25.11.  Manchester City FC - FC Bayern München
10.12.  FC Bayern München - CSKA Moskva

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